Accio code generator

This page generates codes to spawn arbitrary objects in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It uses a simple scripting language with python-like syntax. You can see some example scripts at the bottom of the page.

Type in your script and press "Convert to Cafe Code" to generate. You can only run one such code at once. You must also run the Accio Master Code, or nothing will happen.



# Spawn Laflat
# Spawn 2 swords
spawn(2, "Weapon_Sword_030")
# Spawn infinite bokoblins
while 1:
# Rain dogs from on high
while 1:
        spawnRelative("Animal_Dog_A", 0, 20, -10)
        spawnRelative("Animal_Dog_B", -7, 20, 7)
        spawnRelative("Animal_Dog_C", 7, 20, 7)
# Spawn an extra tower on the Great Plateau
# (just outside the Shrine of Resurrection) 
spawnAbsolute("FldObj_MapTowerLong_A_01", -1060, 200, 1812)